BPO Solutions

We started in the year 2014. Stallion Informatics is a BPO & KPO organization based in India with partner contact centers across Philippines. We have over Five years of experience in serving the BPO & KPO industry and currently providing Transcription, Data Processing, Consumer analysis, Customer Support and revenue cycle management services Internationally.

Outbound Services

Lead Generation

We are focused on improving the return of investments and efficiency of a business’ sales and marketing operations. We want to help our customers improve and boost their revenue by determining, profiling and nurturing the right people for the account.

Customer Support

It is important for a business to know and understand its products and services, this is because customers need to resolve an issue or answer a question as quickly as possible. Stallion Informatics has Customer support solutions that may help you understand what your product and/or service is all about.

Marketing Boost

In need of a boost in sales and marketing? Outsource your outbound call center to us and we will help you with what you need. We will follow-up with consistent reporting from a dedicated account manager, test unknown markets, develop good customer relationships and make your business a success

Appointment Setting

Stallion Informatics blends talent, technology and techniques to our appointment setting services. Our agents are professionals and trained to meet any quotas set.


You can improve debt collection call center recovery rates and automate processes with the effective solutions at Stallion Informatics.


Have a product?
We've got excellent agents specially trained for sales and we have got specialized lead generation system that targets an audience relatively.

Manage all your customer support in one place

Inbound services

24*7 Ready Team

Excellent Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. Without it, your customer will not feel that they have chosen the correct company for their needs. That being said, let us make your customers happy by having them talk to professional and courteous agents available to take calls 24/7.

Customer Service

We are focused on increasing business profits for our customers. Stallion Informatics is experienced enough to handle different kinds of calls and customers, and meet the requirements of our clients.

Order Taking

Stallion Informatics’s agents for Order taking are trained and professionals in their jobs. We can convert sales into upselling and cross-selling everyday. You will not only get new customers, you will also retain your existing customers.

Lead Qualification

Stallion Informatics will not let you talk to a lead that doesn’t qualify to your terms. We will go through strict qualification process and make sure that you, as our customers, will talk to legitimate leads.

Help Desk

Outsourcing your help desk services will let you focus on your business’ core services while giving your customers a satisfying response with regards to their queries.

Tech Support

We have team of certified IT Engineers who are specialized in Networking, Troubleshooting and Problem Handling. We provide remote control service to the customer for quick and reliable solution.

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