About us

With a vision of becoming a leader in providing quality Web, App and Software solutions in an open and competitive global market. We continue to place a high priority on Customer Satisfaction, Consistency in Quality, Continuous Innovation, Technology Enhancement, Process Improvement, as well as Customer Orientation at Stallion Informatics. As a result of developing our core competencies and aligning our objectives on all levels, we have been able to realize synergy within our operations. We have developed an impressive and diverse client list through our collaborative approach, creativity, and emphasis on economical solutions. Providing high-quality and market-defining solutions for our clients around the world is our mission. We strive to enhance the business growth of our customers by providing creative design and development to create value and competitive advantage for them.

Our Team

Founder & Managing Director. in

Naman Shah

Crunching the web almost 18 hours of the day, Work is my fun and i’m in it to win it!


Terry Cavanagh

Team is my family, always available for my team.

Designing & graphics. PH

Jay Coleman

Former flight attendant at Royal Air Philippines. Specialized in graphics. 


Priya Shankar Poojary

Work enthusiast, Dedicated to my job. Always happy to help.

head of it. ph

Donald Milson

Always making sure my team is ready and clients are happy.


Remedious K.

Strategist with sharp plan and execution, Managing client businesses.